See WebBlocker Server Database Status

On the Database page Status tab, you can see the status of the WebBlocker Server database.

To see database status:

  1. Select > Administration > Administration > Database.

    The Database page appears.
  2. Select the Status tab.

Screenshot of Database page Status tab.

In the Database Status section, you can see the current status of the WebBlocker Server database.

  • Disk Usage — The amount of disk space used by the database and the amount of space that is still available.
  • Current Database Version — Version number of the database used by the WebBlocker Server.
  • Database Download — Database download status. Displays Pending when no database is available, Downloading when the database download is in progress, Indexing when the download process indexes data, Patching when the download process patches the database, and Complete when the download is complete.
  • Last Database Download Date — Date when the database was last downloaded.

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