TDR Service Provider Accounts

If you are a WatchGuard Partner, your Threat Detection and Response account is automatically a Service Provider account. As a Service Provider, you create and manage separate TDR accounts for multiple customers. From your Service Provider account, you manage the Threat Detection and Response subscription service for multiple managed customer accounts.

For each managed customer account, a Service Provider can:

  • Activate, allocate, and renew Host Sensor licenses
  • Monitor deployed Fireboxes and Host Sensors
  • Configure Threat Detection and Response policies
  • Take threat mediation actions

TDR roles now align with WatchGuard Cloud roles and are managed in the WatchGuard Portal.

Old TDR Role New WatchGuard Cloud Role
SP_Administrator Owner
SP_Operator Helpdesk

The actions available to each user in a service provider account are based on the Operator role, as described in the next section.

Multi-Tier Management

Threat Detection and Response is a multi-tenant, multi-tier system. Each Service Provider account can manage many customer accounts. Each managed customer account has a separate UUID that uniquely identifies the account. The Service Provider deploys Host Sensors and Fireboxes, and manages policies, actions, and reports separately for each managed account. Data is not shared between managed accounts.

As a Service Provider, you create accounts for each of your customers in your TDR service provider account. For information about how to add managed customer accounts, see TDR Service Provider — Add Managed Customer Accounts.

After you create an managed customer account, you can assign Host Sensors to each account. For more information, see Manage TDR Host Sensor Licenses.

Service Provider Roles

Service Provider accounts have two user roles: Owner and Helpdesk.


An Operator assigned the Owner role in a Service Provider account can create managed customer accounts for the Service Provider account, and can assign Host Sensor licenses to managed customer accounts. Owners can also complete the same actions for a managed account as Administrators.

Owners can:

  • Manage roles of other operators in the Service Provider account
  • Add managed customer accounts
  • Assign host sensor licenses to managed accounts
  • Configure the global Host Sensor settings in each managed account
  • Manage all customer accounts with the same privileges as a user assigned the Administrator role


An operator assigned the Helpdesk role has the same permissions as an Analyst role for all accounts managed from the Service Provider account.

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