Quick Start — Set Up TDR

Before you can use Threat Detection and Response (TDR), you must activate the TDR subscription for a Firebox in your WatchGuard Portal account. When you activate the first TDR subscription for a Firebox in your account, your TDR account is automatically created and Host Sensor licenses are added to your TDR account. The number of Host Sensor licenses included with your TDR subscription depends on the Firebox model. You can purchase additional Host Sensor licenses as an upgrade.

Some steps to set up TDR require that you log in with a specific user role. The first user in a new TDR account has an Administrator role. All other users have the Analyst role by default. Administrators can change the roles assigned to any user account.

To get started with TDR, complete these steps:

The Quick Start procedures describe the steps to set up your first Firebox and Host Sensor in your TDR account. To finish your installation, we recommend you complete these additional steps, as described in these topics:

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