Manage TDR Host Sensor Licenses

On the Licenses page in the TDR web UI, you can see the number and expiration dates of Host Sensor licenses activated for your TDR account.

If your TDR account is a Service Provider account, users with an owner role can assign Host Sensor licenses to the customer accounts you manage.

As a Service Provider, you must add managed customer accounts before you can assign TDR Host Sensor licenses to your managed customers.

To assign Host Sensor licenses to a managed customer account:

  1. Click Licenses.
    The Licenses page lists the Host Sensor licenses in your account.
  2. Adjacent to the Host Sensor license to assign, click .
  3. Select Assign License.
    The Assign License dialog box opens.

Screen shot of the Assign License dialog box

  1. In the Account text box, begin to type the name of the managed customer account.
    Account names that contain the letters you type appear below the text box.
  2. Select the account name from the list.
  3. In the Number of Hosts to Assign text box, type the number of Host Sensors to assign to this account.
  4. Click Assign License.
    Host Sensor licenses are assigned to the account you specified.

Screen shot of the Licenses page with an assigned license

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