Manage TDR Host Sensor Licenses

In WatchGuard Cloud, you can see the number and expiration dates of Host Sensor licenses activated for your TDR account.

If your TDR account is a Service Provider account, you can view your unallocated and allocated Host Sensor licenses, license expiration dates, and allocate licenses to your managed accounts.

As a Service Provider, you must add managed subscriber accounts before you can assign TDR Host Sensor licenses to your managed subscribers.

To view your Host Sensor license details in WatchGuard Cloud:

  1. Log In to TDR.
  2. Select Administration > License Details.
  3. On the License Details page, select the Host Sensors tab.

Screen shot of the Host Sensor License Details tab in the Administration menu.

To assign Host Sensor licenses to a managed subscriber account (Service Providers only):

  1. Log in to your Service Provider account in WatchGuard Cloud.
  2. Select Inventory.
  3. In the Host Sensor section, select Licenses.
    The Overview page opens.
  4. From Account Manager, select a managed account.
  5. From the Inventory menu, in the Host Sensor section, select Allocation.
    The Unallocated Host Sensors page opens for the selected account.

Screen shot of the Allocation tab to assign unallocated licenses

  1. In the Number of Host Sensors text box, type the number of Host Sensors to allocate to the account.
  2. In the Expiration Date text box, select the expiration date.
  3. Click Save.

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