Install the TDR Host Sensor with an OS Image

You can install a TDR Host Sensor on the OS image you use to set up computers on your network. When you install a TDR Host Sensor, it automatically generates a unique identifier (UUID) that it sends to your TDR account. The unique identifier is different for each installed Host Sensor. If you want to install the Host Sensor in an OS image that you use to provision multiple computers, you must clear the unique identifier from the Host Sensor before you create the OS image.

To install the Host Sensor as part of an OS Image:

  1. On the computer used to create your OS image, install the Host Sensor and clear the Host Sensor UUID. The steps for each OS are described below.
  2. Create the OS image.
  3. Install the OS image on each computer.

When the Host Sensor starts on each computer, the Host Sensor generates a new UUID specific to that computer.

After you clear the UUID for the Host Sensor, do not restart the Threat Detection and Response service or reboot the computer before you make the disk image. If the Host Sensor restarts, it automatically generates a new UUID.

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