Configure TDR Host Sensor Settings

Host Sensor settings control how the Host Sensors operate after they are installed. On the Host Sensor settings page, Administrators and Analysts can configure the default Host Sensor settings for all Host Sensors in a TDR account.

You can configure Host Sensor settings for a group, which take precedence over the global Host Sensor settings. For more information, see Manage TDR Groups.

The Host Sensor configuration includes these settings:

  • Host Sensor Settings — Specify the allowed actions of the Host Sensor.
  • Host Sensor Tamper Prevention Settings — Specify whether users can modify or uninstall the Threat Detection and Response service.
  • Host Sensor Driver Configuration Settings — Enable and disable settings for the Host Sensor driver. We recommend you keep the default settings unless you have first tested any changes with group-specific Host Sensor Configuration override settings.
  • Host Sensor Icon Settings — Enable and disable settings for the Host Sensor system tray icon.

For more information about recommended Host Sensor settings, see TDR Deployment Best Practices.

To see more information about each setting, click .

For most Host Sensor settings, a slider shows whether the setting is enabled or disabled.

— The feature is enabled

— The feature is disabled

To change each setting, click the slider. Your changes take effect immediately.

You do not need to click Save to save changes to settings that are enabled and disabled with a slider. Click Save if you made changes to other types of settings, such as the Baselines Maximum Delay Minutes text box.

One Host Sensor setting that is not on the Host Sensor Settings page is the Age Off For Quarantined Files setting. Administrators and Analysts can configure this setting in the Host Sensors configuration page. For more information, see Configure the Age Off For Quarantined Files.

Configure Host Sensor Settings

Host Sensors automatically retrieve the latest Host Sensor settings at the next heartbeat connection to TDR. An installed Host Sensor sends a heartbeat to your TDR account every 30 seconds.

Back Up or Import Host Sensor Settings

You can save a backup of all Host Sensor settings to an .XML file. To add the Host Sensor settings to any TDR account you can import the saved .XML file. This enables a TDR Service Provider to easily copy Host Sensor settings configured in one managed customer account to another managed account.

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