TDR Host Sensor Manual Installation

The end-of-life date for TDR is 30 September 2023. On this date, the TDR UI in WatchGuard Cloud will no longer be available. Host Sensors will continue to function, but remediation and report generation will be disabled. To upgrade your Host Sensors to Endpoint Security, go to the Host Sensor upgrade to Endpoint Security Knowledge Base article.

You can manually install a Host Sensor for Windows, Mac, or Red Hat Linux. After the initial installation, if Host Sensor Auto-Update is enabled in the General Settings page, Host Sensors for Windows and Mac update automatically when an update is available. The Host Sensor for Linux does not update automatically. You must manually update it.

For information about TDR Host Sensor OS compatibility, see the Threat Detection & Response Release Notes on the TDR Release Notes page.

Download the Host Sensor Installer

You can manually download the Host Sensor installation file from the Devices / Users > Hosts page. When you download the host sensor installer, you must also copy the Account ID and Controller ID address required to install the Host Sensor.

On the Host Sensor page you can also set the Age Off For Quarantined Files. This setting controls how long quarantined files remain on a host. For more information, go to Configure the Age Off For Quarantined Files.

To download the Host Sensor installer from the Devices / Users page:

  1. On the host where you want to install the Host Sensor, select Devices / Users > Hosts.
  2. Click Download Host Sensor.
    The Host Sensor Download dialog box opens.

Screen shot of the Host Sensor Download page

  1. From the Operating System drop-down list, select the host operating system:
    • Microsoft Windows
    • Red Hat Linux
    • Mac
  2. Click Download.
    The Host Sensor installer file is downloaded.
  3. Copy the Account ID and Controller Address from this page.
    You must provide this information when you run the installer.

Manually Install the Host Sensor

After you download the Host Sensor installer to the host, run the installer.

Verify Host Sensor Status

The first time the Host Sensor sends a heartbeat to your Threat Detection and Response account, the host is added to your TDR account and appears in the Hosts list.

To verify the Host Sensor status:

  1. Select Devices / Users > Hosts.

Screen shot of the Hosts page

  1. To verify that the Host Sensor is installed and operational, find the host in the list and review the Sensor Status column.

The icon in the Sensor Status column indicates the status of the Host Sensor on each host.

  • — Host Sensor is installed and operational
  • — Host Sensor is installed but has a problem
  • — Host Sensor is not communicating
  • — Host Sensor has shut down correctly
  • Paused icon — Host Sensor has protection paused
  • Host Contained icon — Host Sensor has contained the host

For more information about the Hosts page, go to Manage TDR Hosts and Host Sensors.

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