TDR General Settings

On the TDR General Settings page, you can enable optional TDR features. After you enable TDR features on the General Settings page, configure the feature in your TDR account.

If TDR beta features are available for testing, the General Settings page for a customer TDR account also includes an option to enable beta features. For more information, see Enable TDR Beta Features.

The default for all General Settings is On.

APT Blocker

Turn On to enable Host Sensors to upload files to APT Blocker for analysis. Turn off this setting if you do not want to upload files to APT Blocker. For more information about APT Blocker, see TDR Sandbox Analysis by APT Blocker.

AD Helper Auto-Update

Turn On to automatically update AD Helper when a new version of TDR is available. For more information about how to set up AD Helper, see Install and Configure AD Helper.

Host Sensor Auto-Update

Turn On to automatically update Host Sensors when a new version of TDR is available. For more information, see Manage TDR Hosts and Host Sensors.

Generate Uncorrelated Firebox Indicators

Turn On to generate Network only indicators. When this setting is Off, TDR only generates Network indicators correlated to a process or a file and can help you focus on actionable indicators on the Indicator Dashboard. For more information about TDR indicators, see Manage TDR Indicators.

Automatically Change Host Status

If a host does not communicate with TDR for a specified period of time, the status automatically changes to Not Installed. The Change status after no communication for specified time (Days) setting enables Host Sensor licenses to become available when a device goes offline and an administrator does not remove the Host Sensor from the active list. Specify the number of days the Host Sensor is in either a non-communicative or shut down state before the status changes to Not Installed.

The default value is 60 days. A value of 0 days means the state will never change to Not Installed.

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