Manage TDR Domains

In your Threat Detection and Response account, the Domains page shows the list of domains for hosts in your account. This list includes all domains for hosts added to your account by AD Helper as well as any other domains where you manually install Host Sensors.

For information about how to install AD Helper to synchronize hosts and domains, see Install and Configure AD Helper.

On the Hosts page, you can see the last date and time that your account synchronized with AD Helper, and you can initiate a synchronization with AD Helper. For more information, see Manage TDR Hosts and Host Sensors.

See the Domain List

To see the domain list in WatchGuard Cloud:

  1. Log In to TDR.
  2. Select Configure > Threat Detection.
  3. In the ThreatSync section, select Domains.
    A list of Domains appears.

For each Domain you can see:

  • Fully Qualified Name — The fully qualified domain name
  • Comment— Comments about the domain
  • UUID — The domain unique identifier
  • Synchronized — Shows domain synchronization status. It is one of these values:
    • Yes — The hosts in this domain are synchronized through AD Helper
    • No — This domain was added when a Host Sensor was manually installed in the domain

Use the controls in the column headings to filter and search within the list.

Remove a Domain

You can remove a domain that is not associated with hosts in your account.

To remove a domain:

  1. On the Domains page, click next to the domain you want to remove.
  2. Click Remove Domain.

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