TDR Dashboard

The Dashboard page appears by default in the Monitor > Threat Detection menu in WatchGuard Cloud. The Dashboard includes several counters and metrics, and is a snapshot of activity for your account. The date and time the data was last refreshed appears at the top-right of the page. To update the data, click Refresh Now.

Dashboard Widgets

The top of the Dashboard has four widgets that summarize the current indicators, remediations, Host Sensor status, and host licenses.

Screen shot of the TDR Dashboard widgets

The Threat Detection and Response Dashboard provides a summary of the current indicators and Host Sensors on your network.


The Indicators widget shows statistics for indicators in three categories, based on the score:

  • Critical — Scores of 8, 9, or 10
  • High — Scores of 6 or 7
  • Medium/Low — Scores of 3, 4, or 5

You can complete these actions to see details about the indicators:

  • To open the Indicators page with filters set for a specific threat level, click the number for that threat level.
  • To see a filtered list of indicators for a threat category, click the number or bar of the category.

For more information about threat scores, see About TDR Threat Scores.

For more information about the Indicators page, see Manage TDR Indicators.


The Remediations widget shows statistics for Host Ransomware Prevention, Automated, Manual, and Open remediations. The total number is the sum of Host Ransomware Prevention, Automated and Manual remediations. A Host Ransomware Prevention remediation is an action taken by a Host Sensor configured in Prevent mode to remove ransomware from the host. An Automated remediation is a successful action completed by the system, based on a policy. A Manual remediation is a requested action successfully performed by an Analyst.

You can complete these actions to see details about remediation status of indicators:

  • To open the Indicators page with filters applied to show indicators for a specific remediation status, click the Host Ransomware Prevention, Automated or Manual number.
  • To see details about all unremediated indicators, click the Open number.

Host Status

The Host Status widget shows the status of Host Sensors in your account. The numbers show the number of installed Host Sensors in each state.

  • — Host Sensor is installed and operational
  • — Host Sensor is installed but has a problem
  • — Host Sensor is not communicating
  • — Host Sensor has shut down correctly
  • Paused icon — Host Sensor has protection paused
  • Host Contained icon — Host Sensor has contained the host

Host Licenses

The Host Licenses widget shows statistics about Host Sensor licenses available in your account. The top number indicates the number of Host Sensor licenses for your account. The bottom number indicates the number of hosts that have a Host Sensor installed.

Indicator Timeline

The Indicator Timeline appears in the middle section of the Dashboard page. The Indicator Timeline shows a history of unresolved or resolved indicators. Use the radio buttons at the top to select the type of information to show.

  • To see the resolved indicator timeline, select Resolved.
  • To see the unresolved indicator timeline, select Unresolved.

By default, the Indicator Timeline shows the history of unresolved indicators with scores higher than 2.

Screen shot of the Indicator Timeline on the TDR Dashboard

In the Indicator Timeline:

  • The left scale is the indicator threat score.
  • The size of each bubble reflects the number of Indicators with a specific score for that day.
  • The color of each bubble corresponds to the color of the scores in the Hosts and Indicator pages.

To see more detail in the timeline, you can zoom in on a section of the timeline and click or hover on a bubble.

  • To zoom in on a section of the timeline, click and drag over the area of the chart to select.
    The chart resizes to show the selected area.
  • To zoom out to the full timeline view, click Reset Zoom.

To see more detail about a bubble:

  1. Place your cursor over the bubble.
    The bubble changes to blue. A tooltip shows the Date, Score, and Count. The Count is the number of indicators with the score shown.

Screen shot of tooltip text on a timeline bubble

For resolved indicators, the Score is the previous score before the indicators were remediated.

  1. To see the list of indicators associated with a bubble, click the bubble.
    Or, in the tooltip, click Count.
    For unresolved indicators, the Indicator page opens, filtered for the Score and Date of the selected bubble. For resolved indicators, the Remediations page opens, filtered for the Previous Score and Date of the selected bubble.

Top Indicators by Host

The Top Indicators by Host section appears at the bottom of the Dashboard page. This is a list of the top ten hosts, ranked by the number of indicators that have not been remediated.

Screen shot of Top Indicators by Host

To open the Indicators page with filters applied to show the indicators for a specific host, click the host name.