About TDR Account Regions

WatchGuard hosts TDR servers in these regions:

  • Americas (Oregon)
  • Europe (Frankfurt)
  • Asia Pacific

You select the account region the first time you activate a TDR subscription for a Firebox on the WatchGuard Portal. Host Sensors and Fireboxes send data to your TDR account in the region you selected.

FQDNs for Connections to TDR

It is important that the Firebox, Host Sensors, and AD Helper can connect to the required FQDNs for your account region.

Connection Type Americas FQDN Europe FQDN Asia Pacific FQDN
Host Sensor connections to TDR tdr-hsc-na.watchguard.com tdr-hsc-eu.watchguard.com tdr-hsc-ap.watchguard.com
Host Sensor file uploads for sandbox analysis by APT Blocker tdr-frontline-na.watchguard.com tdr-frontline-eu.watchguard.com tdr-frontline-ap.watchguard.com
AD Helper connections to TDR tdr-adhh-na.watchguard.com tdr-adhh-eu.watchguard.com tdr-adhh-ap.watchguard.com
Firebox connections to TDR tdr-fbla-na.watchguard.com tdr-fbla-eu.watchguard.com tdr-fbla-ap.watchguard.com

See your TDR Account Region

To determine your TDR account region you can look at the Controller Address for the Host Sensor.

For more information about the Host Sensor Configuration page, see TDR Host Sensor Manual Installation.

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