Troubleshoot IntelligentAV

You can use log messages to identify problems with IntelligentAV.

IntelligentAV Engine Loading Errors

After the Firebox reboots or after IntelligentAV is enabled, it can take up to two minutes for the IntelligentAV engine to load and be ready to scan files.

If a request to scan a file is sent to IntelligentAV before it loads, the file is not scanned by IntelligentAV and the Firebox allows access to the file.

When this happens, a message appears in the log:

Jun 29 09:43:26 2018 M440 local3.err scand[4585]: cylance_handler: cylance scan returned error='IntelligentAV engine loading'

After IntelligentAV loads, the "IntelligentAV engine loading" errors stop and files are scanned normally.

Troubleshoot IntelligentAV Updates on Firebox Cloud and FireboxV

Firebox Cloud and FireboxV instances must have at least 4 GB of memory to use IntelligentAV. When a Firebox Cloud or FireboxV instance does not have sufficient memory, IntelligentAV updates cannot be downloaded automatically or manually.

When IntelligentAV updates fail for this reason, this message appears in the log:

Aug 16 06:38:26 2018 Firebox local3.err sigd[1673]: installed memory resource not sufficient for IntelligentAV updates

To resolve the issue, configure the Firebox Cloud or FireboxV virtual machine instance to have at least 4GB of memory.

For more information, see Set Up Firebox Cloud and Set Up FireboxV and XTMv.

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