Enable IntelligentAV

If you want the IntelligentAV engine to scan files after Gateway AntiVirus does not detect a virus, you must enable IntelligentAV. The setup wizards do not enable IntelligentAV by default.

Before you can enable IntelligentAV, you must enable Gateway AntiVirus for one or more active proxy policies. For more information, see Enable Gateway AntiVirus in a Proxy Policy.

The Firebox feature key must also include the IntelligentAV feature. IntelligentAV is included in the Total Security Suite subscription for Firebox models that support it.

IntelligentAV does not scan files when Gateway AntiVirus is disabled or when the Gateway AntiVirus feature key expires, even if IntelligentAV is enabled.

When you enable IntelligentAV, a warning message appears if automatic updates are disabled for IntelligentAV. To configure automatic updates, see Configure the IntelligentAV Update Server.

In Fireware 12.2.x, IntelligentAV is enabled in the Gateway AntiVirus global settings. For more information, see Gateway AntiVirus Global Settings.

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