Gateway AntiVirus Global Settings

The Gateway AntiVirus global settings are used regardless of which proxy Gateway AntiVirus is configured to work with.

In Fireware 12.4 or higher, there are no Gateway AntiVirus global settings.


In Fireware 12.2.x, the Gateway AntiVirus global settings include an option to enable IntelligentAV. In Fireware 12.3, this option moved to the IntelligentAV settings. For more information, see Enable IntelligentAV.

Gateway AntiVirus Decompression

Gateway AntiVirus can scan inside compressed files, such as ZIP files. Gateway AntiVirus decompression functions differently in different versions of Fireware.

This setting is displayed in the Gateway AntiVirus Settings dialog box in Policy Manager only. It is not available in the Web UI.

Fireware v12.0 and Higher

Gateway AntiVirus file decompression is always enabled in Fireware v12.0 and higher, and there are no configurable settings. The number of levels to scan depends on the amount of RAM the Firebox has. Firebox models with less then 2 GB RAM scan eight levels of compressed files. Firebox models with 2 GB or more RAM scan up to 16 levels of compressed files.

RAM Levels to Scan
Less than 2 GB 8
2 GB or greater 16

Compressed attachments that cannot be scanned include encrypted files or files that use a type of compression that we do not support such as password-protected ZIP files. To set the action for the Firebox when it finds a message it cannot scan, select an action for When a scan error occurs in the General category of the policy configuration.

Fireware v11.12.4 and Lower

In Policy Manager, you can configure Gateway AntiVirus Decompression Settings for Fireware v11.12.4 and lower

To configure decompression settings, from Policy Manager:

  1. Select Subscription Services > Gateway AntiVirus > Configure.
    The Gateway AntiVirus dialog box appears.
  2. Click Settings.
    The Gateway AntiVirus Settings dialog box appears.

Screen shot of the Gateway AntiVirus Decompression dialog box

  1. To scan inside compressed attachments, select the Enable Decompression check box. Select or type the number of compression levels to scan. If you enable decompression, we recommend that you keep the default setting of three levels, unless your organization must use a larger value. If you specify a larger number, your Firebox could send traffic too slowly. Gateway AntiVirus supports up to six levels. If Gateway AntiVirus detects that the archive depth is greater than the configured Levels to scan, it generates a scan error for the content.
  2. Click Restore Defaults if you want to reset the user interface to default settings.
  3. Save the configuration.

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