Start and Stop DNSWatchGO Client on the Device

If you run into any issues, you can manually stop and start the client on the device with Windows Services control panel utility or Command Prompt.

The DNSWatchGO Client is configured to automatically start when the device starts. If you stop the client, it will automatically restart when the device is restarted.

Stop or Start with Windows Services

From Windows Services, search the Services (Local) list for DNSWatchGO Client.

Windows Service Manager

To start or stop the client, select DNSWatchGO Client and right-click.

Stop or Start with Command Prompt

You must run Command Prompt as an administrator.

Type the stop command to stop DNSWatchGO Client.

net stop DNSWatchService

Type the start command to start DNSWatchGO Client.

net start DNSWatchService

Screenshot of Command Prompt commands to start and stop client

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