About DNSWatch

DNSWatch monitors DNS request both on network and off network to prevent connections to known malicious domains. DNSWatch protects against malicious clickjacking and phishing domains regardless of the connection type, protocol or port. DNSWatch can block content based on categories. DNSWatch provides user education to help your users understand how to avoid threats in the future.

DNSWatch is supported for Firebox and XTMv device models only, and requires Fireware v12.1.1 or higher. 

DNSWatch is currently in beta with Content Filter Policies for Firebox. Some features are only available in the DNSWatch beta. For DNSWatch beta documentation, log in to the WatchGuard Beta test community.

For information about how to get started with DNSWatch, see:

For information about how to troubleshoot DNSWatch on your Firebox, see Troubleshoot DNSWatch.

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