Monitor DLP Activity

You can monitor DLP activity on the Subscription Services dashboard.

  1. Select DASHBOARD > Subscription Services.
  2. Scroll down to the Data Loss Prevention section.

The Subscription Services dashboard shows:

  • Scans performed
  • Violations Detected
  • Quarantined Objects
  • Blocked Objects
  • Signature update status

For more information, see Subscription Services.

Use Firebox System Manager and the WatchGuard Report Server to monitor DLP violations and other DLP statistics.

In Firebox System Manager, the Subscription Services tab shows current WatchGuard device statistics about Data Loss Prevention activity that occurred after the last device restart. The DLP statistics available in Firebox System Manager are:

  • Scans performed
  • Violations detected
  • Quarantined objects
  • Blocked objects
  • Signature update status

For more information, see Subscription Services Statistics (Subscription Services).

If you have installed a WatchGuard Report Server, you can generate Data Loss Prevention reports, which show more detailed information about DLP violations and other DLP activity. For more information about available reports, see Predefined Reports List

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