Troubleshoot Application Control

WatchGuard recommends you enable Application Control for policies that handle outbound traffic from your network. You do not need to enable Application Control on policies for Branch Office VPNs to trusted sites, or for traffic between trusted hosts on your internal network.

When you configure the Application Control action, be very specific about which applications you choose to block. If you block by category, you may unintentionally block applications that you need for your network.

Application Control and WebBlocker

If you configure an HTTP or HTTPS-proxy policy with both WebBlocker and Application Control enabled, both services will apply to each connection. If WebBlocker allows a site but Application Control denies it, the site will be denied.

Application Control may not correctly identify HTTPS applications unless you enable content inspection in the HTTPS-proxy action.

Common Application Control Problems

These are common types of problems you might encounter with Application Control, and the solutions that most often resolve these problems.

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