Customize Access Portal Page Elements with CSS

To customize page elements of the Access Portal, you can download a .CSS file from your Firebox. After you edit the file, upload it to your Firebox to preview and save the changes.

In the .CSS file, you can specify settings for these page elements:

  • Links
  • Buttons
  • Text boxes
  • Drop-down lists
  • Login window
  • Applications page

To customize the page title, header and login logos, and the background image, go to Customize the Access Portal Images.

The steps to customize Access Portal page elements are different in Fireware v12.1.x. If your Firebox has Fireware v12.1.x, see Customize Access Portal Page Elements with CSS in Fireware v12.1.x in the WatchGuard Knowledge Base.

Download the .CSS File

Edit the .CSS File

To edit the .CSS file you saved from the Firebox, open it in a text editor. You can change the style of the elements in this list.

Element Example CSS Code
Link Screen shot of an app link in the Access Portal

a {
   color: #36bed6; /* text color of links */

Button — Secondary
Screen shot of a secondary (regular) button

.btn {
   border: 1px solid #97dfeb; /* border of buttons (applies to all buttons)*/
   color: #36bed6; /* text color of buttons (applies only to secondary buttons)*/

Button — Primary
Screen shot of a primary button

.btn.primary { /* primary buttons emphasize the button the user should click (for example the login button) */
   background: #36bed6; /* background color of primary buttons */
   color: #ffffff; /* text color of primary buttons */

Button — Hover

Screen shot of a hover button .btn:hover { /* hovered buttons are buttons the user's mouse is over */
   background-color: #eaf6fa; /* background color of hovered buttons */
   color: #36bed6; /* text color of hovered buttons */
Button — Active

Screen shot of an active button .btn:active { /* active buttons are buttons the user is currently clicking on */
   background-color: #eaf6fa; /* background color of active buttons */
   color: #36bed6; /* text color of active buttons */
Button — Focus
Screen shot of a focus button .btn:focus { /* focused buttons are buttons the user has either tabbed to or clicked on */
   background-color: #eaf6fa; /* background color of focused buttons */
   color: #36bed6; /* text color of focused buttons */
Text (input) box Screen shot of a text box input { /* used for text boxes like the username and passphrase on the login page */
   border: 1px solid #97dfeb; /* border of the input box */
Drop-down list Screen shot of a drop-down list select { /* used for the drop down selection lists like the domain list on the login page */
   background-image: /* controls the colors of the arrow on the right side of the select */
     linear-gradient(55deg, transparent 55%, #36bed6 50%), /* left side of arrow */
    linear-gradient(125deg, #36bed6 50%, transparent 50%), /* right side of arrow */
     linear-gradient(to bottom, #36bed6, #36bed6), /* left border of arrow box */
     linear-gradient(to right, #eaf6fa, #eaf6fa); /* arrow box background */
   border: 1px solid #97dfeb; /* border of the select */
Login window

Screen shot of the login page

#login-window > header {
   background: #b32317; /* background color behind the logo on the login page */
#login-window > header > .logo {
  height: 150px; /* logo height */
  width: 300px; /* logo width */
Applications page Screen shot of the applications page #applications-page > header {
   background: #333333; /* background color of header bar at the top of the page */
#applications-page > header > .logo {
   background: #b32317; /* background color behind the logo in the header bar at the top of the page*/
#applications-page > #applications .tabs > .tab-bar > .tab {
   background: #36bed6; /* background color of the tabs */
   color: #ffffff; /* text color of the tabs */
#applications-page > #applications .tabs > .tab-bar > {
   background: #ffffff; /* background color of the selected tab */
   color: #36bed6; /* text color of the selected tab */

Upload the Edited .CSS File

After you edit the .CSS file, you must upload it to your Firebox.

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