Use Role-Based Administration with an External Management Server

When you install a WatchGuard Log Server or Report Server, WatchGuard Server Center is automatically installed. If you install your Log Server or Report Server on a different computer than your Management Server, you can use WatchGuard Server Center to set contact information for the external Management Server that you want to use for role-based administration. After you configure these settings, the Log Server or Report Server can contact the selected Management Server for the role and credential information for remote users.

To configure settings for an external Management Server:

  1. Start WatchGuard Server Center on the computer where your Log Server or Report Server is installed.
  2. In the left navigation bar, select Users.
    The Users page appears.

Screen shot of the User Settings page to configure an external Management Server

  1. To change the passphrase for the local administrator, select the Change Administrator Passphrase check box.
  2. Type and confirm the password for the local administrator.
  3. Select the Use external Management Server check box.
  4. Type the Management Server's IP address.
  5. In the Management Server's CA Server public certificate text box, copy and paste the content of the certificate for the Management Server.
    Or, to select and upload the certificate, click Load certificate from a file.
  6. Click Apply.

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