About the Report Server

The Report Server consolidates data collected by your Log Servers from your Fireboxes and then generates reports from that data. After the data is on the Report Server, you can use Report Manager to see reports the Report Server generates.

You can choose to use the built-in PostgreSQL database that is installed with your Report Server, or for increased scalability, you can use an external PostgreSQL database that is located on another computer. When you run the WatchGuard Server Center Setup Wizard and set up your Report Server, the built-in database is configured by default.

As an added feature, the Report Server can detect some internal failure conditions. When a failure condition is detected, the Report Server creates an Alarm log message that includes details about the failure and sends an email notification to the specified administrator.

For more information, see Configure Notification Settings for the Report Server.

For more information about Report Manager, see See Log Messages & Reports in WebCenter.

For more information about the available reports, see Predefined Reports List.

For detailed steps to configure your Report Server, see Set Up Your Report Server.

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