About Traffic Management

There are three Traffic Management Action types:

  • All Policies — Action settings apply to the combined bandwidth of all policies that use the action.
  • Per Policy — Action settings apply individually to each policy that uses the action.
  • Per IP Address — Action settings apply individually to each source IP address for any policy that uses the action.

Traffic Management Actions are not restricted to a specific Firebox interface. You can assign separate Traffic Management Actions for forward and reverse traffic managed by a policy. You can apply Traffic Management Actions to applications and application categories, in addition to policies.

The maximum number of configurable Traffic Management Actions depends on the device model:

  • Firebox T10, T30, NV5, and M200: 100
  • XTMv, FireboxV, Firebox M300, Firebox T25, T45, T50, Firebox T70, T80, T85: 300
  • XTM 800 series or higher, Firebox M-series: 500

To see detailed traffic management statistics:

  • In Firebox System Manager, select the Traffic Manager tab.
  • In Fireware Web UI, select the Traffic Management System Status page.

For information about how to configure and monitor Traffic Management, go to:

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