HTTP Request: Header Fields

This ruleset supplies content filtering for the full HTTP header. By default, the HTTP-proxy allows all headers. This ruleset matches the full header, not only the name.

To match all values of a header, type the pattern: [header name]:*. To match only some values of a header, replace the asterisk (*) wildcard with a pattern. If your pattern does not start with an asterisk (*) wildcard, include one space between the colon and the pattern when you type in the Pattern text box. For example, type: [header name]: [pattern], not [header name]:[pattern].

  1. In the HTTP Proxy Action configuration, select HTTP Request > Header Fields.
  2. Configure the rule action.
    For more information, go to Add, Change, or Delete Rules.
  3. To change settings for another category in this proxy, see the topic for that category.
  4. Save the configuration.

If you modified a predefined proxy action, when you save the changes you are prompted to clone (copy) your settings to a new action.

For more information on predefined proxy actions, go to About Proxy Actions.

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