HTTP-Proxy: AntiVirus

If you have purchased the Gateway AntiVirus feature, you can specify the actions the Firebox takes if a virus is found in a website or when the device cannot scan a website.

In the Gateway AV settings in the proxy action, you can select the Enable Gateway AntiVirus check box to automatically change the action for all rules in the proxy action from Allow to AV Scan.

In the Gateway AV settings in the HTTP-proxy action, you can set these actions to take if a virus is detected or if a file cannot be scanned.


Allows the packet to go to the recipient, even if the content contains a virus.


Drops the packet and drops the connection. No information is sent to the source of the message.


Blocks the packet, and adds the IP address of the sender to the Blocked Sites list.

You can also configure the Scan size limit. Gateway AntiVirus does not scan files that are larger than the configured scan size limit.

The default and maximum scan size limits changed in Fireware v12.0.1. When you upgrade Fireware OS, the Gateway AntiVirus Scan size limit does not automatically change to the new default. We recommend that you update the Scan size limit to the default value for your Firebox model. For more information, go to About Gateway AntiVirus Scan Limits.

For more information about how to configure the Gateway AntiVirus actions and scan size limit go to Configure Gateway AntiVirus Actions.

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