Configure Policies for Firebox-Generated Traffic

In Fireware v12.2 or higher, you can add policies to control Firebox-generated traffic. For a description of Firebox-generated traffic, see About Policies for Firebox-Generated Traffic.

Before the policy can take effect, you must enable the Enable configuration of policies for traffic generated by the Firebox global setting. If you do not enable this global setting, any policies you create for Firebox-generated traffic do not take effect. For an explanation of how to configure this setting, see Define Firebox Global Settings.

In the policy you add, you must specify the alias Firebox or an alias that includes the Firebox alias.

Proxy actions are not supported for Firebox-generated traffic.

As a best practice, we recommend that you do not create deny policies for Firebox-generated traffic.

For configuration examples, see Configuration Examples for Control of Firebox-Generated Traffic.

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