Type An IP Address

IPv4 Addresses

When you type IPv4 addresses in the Quick Setup Wizard or dialog boxes, type the digits and decimals in the correct sequence. Do not press the TAB key, arrow keys, spacebar, or mouse to put your cursor after the decimals.

For example, if you type the IP address, do not type a space after you type 16. Do not try to put your cursor after the next decimal to type 1. Type a decimal directly after 16, and then type 1.10. Press the slash (/) key to move to the netmask.

IPv6 Addresses

When you type IPv6 addresses in a text box, type the IP address with the colons to separate each group of numbers in the address. To shorten an IP address, you can remove leading zeros in each group of numbers and you can use a double colon (::) to replace adjacent groups of zeros in the address.

For more information about IPv6 addresses, see About IP Addresses.

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