Configure Client Devices for Mobile VPN with L2TP

Before you can use your client computers or mobile devices as Mobile VPN with L2TP remote clients, you must configure and establish the L2TP connection on each client device. Many client operating systems include a native L2TP client. The steps to configure an L2TP connection are different for each client operating system.

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If the instructions for your client operating system are not included here, see the documentation for your operating system for information about how to configure an L2TP VPN connection. For any L2TP VPN client, make sure the settings in the VPN client match the settings you configured on the Firebox.

For information about which operating systems are compatible with each mobile VPN type, see the Operating System Compatibility list in the Fireware Release Notes. You can find the Release Notes for your version of Fireware OS on the Fireware Release Notes page of the WatchGuard website.

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