System Requirements

Before you configure your Firebox for Mobile VPN with IPSec, make sure you understand the system requirements for the mobile VPN client you want to use.

  • You can install the WatchGuard IPSec Mobile VPN client software on a computer that uses Windows or macOS. For more information, see IPSec Mobile VPN Client Requirements.
  • WatchGuard supports VPN tunnels created with the Shrew Soft VPN client only if you install the client on an operating system supported by the Shrew Soft client. The Shrew Soft VPN client does not support Windows 8.1 or higher. For more information about the Shrew Soft client, see About the Shrew Soft VPN Client in the WatchGuard Knowledge Base.

To generate an encrypted end-user profile (.wgx file), you must use WatchGuard System Manager. You can use Fireware Web UI to configure Mobile VPN with IPSec and generate the unencrypted (.ini or .vpn) end-user profile. For more information about the types of end-user profile configuration files, see About Mobile VPN Client Configuration Files.