Connect and Disconnect the Mobile VPN Client

The WatchGuard IPSec Mobile VPN Client makes a secure connection from a remote computer to your protected network over the Internet. To start this connection, you must connect to the Internet and use the Mobile VPN client to connect to the protected network.

The Connection Mode in your Mobile VPN connection profile might be configured so that the client automatically starts the VPN connection. For more information about connection modes, see Control Connection Behavior.

Manually Connect the Mobile VPN Client

To manually start the VPN connection.

  1. Make sure your computer has a connection to the Internet.
  2. Start the WatchGuard Mobile VPN Client.
  3. From the Profile drop-down list, select the name of the profile you created for your Mobile VPN connections to the Firebox.

Screen shot of the WatchGuard Mobile VPN dialog box

  1. Click the Connect/disconnect slider icon (red) to manually start the connection.

Manually Disconnect the Mobile VPN Client

On the Mobile VPN Monitor dialog box, click the Connect/Disconnect slider icon (green) to disconnect.

To connect, disconnect, or select the connection profile, you can also right-click the Mobile VPN icon in the Windows system tray or click the Mobile VPN icon in the macOS menu bar.

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