Mobile Security Licensing

The FireClient app is no longer available for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Mobile Security is a licensed security service available only for Firebox M Series, T Series, FireboxV, and XTMv models. The Mobile Security license specifies the maximum number of unique, concurrent users who can connect to your network with FireClient and has an expiration date.

In the feature key details, the format of the mobile security license is:

MOBILE_SECURITY_USER#[email protected]

This example license allows 1000 unique users and expires 15 November 2016.

The user license is for each unique concurrent user. If a single user authenticates with FireClient from more than one mobile device at the same time, the user counts as only one concurrent user.

On a FireCluster, the Mobile Security license requirements depend on whether the FireCluster is configured as active/passive or active/active. For an active/passive FireCluster, you must purchase the Mobile Security license for only one of the cluster members. For an active/active FireCluster, you must purchase the Mobile Security license for both members. For more information, see About Feature Keys and FireCluster.

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