Find Your Management Server License Key

Most WatchGuard rack-mountable device models include a WatchGuard System Manager (WSM) license key that allows you to manage up to four Firebox devices. If you have a VPN Manager license key from a previous Firebox purchase, you can use the VPN Manager license key for the WSM Management Server. If you do not have either a WatchGuard System Manager license key that includes the ability to manage more than one Firebox, or a VPN Manager license key, you must purchase a license key from a WatchGuard reseller to use the WatchGuard Management Server. You can see a list of your available WatchGuard System Manager and VPN Manager license keys from the Manage Products page of the WatchGuard website.

To find your WatchGuard System Manager or VPN Manager license key:

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. Log in with your WatchGuard account user name and password.
    The Manage Products page appears.
  3. In the Network Security section, click View Products.
  4. Select the WatchGuard System Manager tab.
    The list of available WatchGuard System Manager license keys opens.
  5. Use one of these keys when you run the WatchGuard Server Center Setup Wizard to set up your Management Server.

If more than one license key appears in the Software Licenses list, you can use any of them. The license key has one of these formats:

  • WSMMGR-X-yyyyyy-yyyyyyyy
  • WSMUPGRADE-X-yyyyyy-yyyyyyyy
  • VPNMGR-X-yyyyyy-yyyyyyyy

The X character in the license key shows how many devices you can manage with each key. The y characters are a string of alphanumeric characters.

If you add more than one license key that begins with WSMMGR-X or VPNMGR-X, only the license key with the highest value for X is applied. To enable your WSM Management Server to manage more Fireboxes, you must add a WSMUPGRADE-X license key. Your Management Server will then be able to manage the number of Fireboxes identified by the X values in both the WSMMGR-X or VPNMGR-X and WSMUPGRADE-X license keys. For example, if your WSMMGR license key X value is 4 and your WSMUPGRADE license key X value is 50, your Management Server can manage 54 Fireboxes.

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