Install WatchGuard Servers on Computers with Desktop Firewalls

Desktop firewalls can block the ports necessary for WatchGuard server components to operate. Before you install the Management Server, Log Server, Report Server, Quarantine Server, or WebBlocker Server on a computer with an active desktop firewall, you might need to open the necessary ports on the desktop firewall. Windows Firewall users do not have to change their configurations because the installation program opens the necessary ports in Windows Firewall automatically.

This table shows you the ports you must open on a desktop firewall.

Server Type/Appliance Software Protocol/Port
Management Server TCP 4109, TCP 4112, TCP 4113
Log Server TCP 4115
WebBlocker Server TCP 5003, UDP 5003

Quarantine Server

TCP 4119, TCP 4120
Report Server TCP 4122
Log Server TCP 4121
WatchGuard WebCenter TCP 4130

The locally installed WebBlocker Server only supports Fireboxes with Fireware OS 12.1.x or lower installed. For more information, go to the Fireware 12.1 Help.