Make a Member Leave a Cluster

If you use the FireCluster management IP address to connect to the cluster member, the Leave command is available in Firebox System Manager. The Leave command is part of the procedure to restore a backup image to a FireCluster.

When a member leaves the cluster, it is still part of the cluster configuration, but does not participate in the cluster. The status of the cluster member is standby.

To make a member leave the cluster, in WatchGuard System Manager:

  1. Use the FireCluster Management IP address to connect to the cluster member.
  2. Start Firebox System Manager for the backup master.
  3. Select Tools > Cluster > Leave.
  4. Type the administrative passphrase. Click OK.
    A message appears.
  5. Click OK.
    The backup master leaves the cluster and reboots.

For information about the Management IP address, see About FireCluster Management IP Addresses.

You can also make a member leave a cluster from the Fireware Web UI when you restore a backup image. For information about how to restore a backup image to members of a cluster, see Restore a FireCluster Backup Image.

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