Update the FireCluster Configuration

You update the configuration of a FireCluster in much the same way that you update the configuration for an individual Firebox. You can save an updated configuration only to the cluster master.

If you change the IP addresses of the primary or secondary cluster interface, all cluster members must reboot at the same time after you save the configuration.

To update the FireCluster configuration, from Policy Manager:

  1. In WatchGuard System Manager, click Connect to Device icon.
    Or, select File > Connect To Device.
    The Connect to Firebox dialog box appears.
  2. Select or type the trusted IP address for the cluster. Type the status (read-only) passphrase. Click OK.
    The cluster appears as a device in the WatchGuard System Manager Device Status tab.
  3. On the Device Status tab, select the cluster device.
  4. Click the Policy Manager icon.
    Or, select Tools > Policy Manager.
    Policy Manager appears with the current configuration file for the cluster.
  5. Make any configuration changes to the cluster.
  6. Save the configuration file to the trusted IP address of the cluster.

When you save the configuration to a cluster, the cluster master automatically sends the updated configuration to the other cluster member.

You can use the Web UI to monitor the cluster and update policies and other configuration settings, but you cannot use the Web UI to see or modify the FireCluster settings. For more information, see Use the Web UI with a FireCluster.

For details about the FireCluster configuration settings, see Configure FireCluster Manually.

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