Set the Refresh Interval and Pause Display

At the bottom of the window, each Firebox System Manager (FSM) tab includes a drop-down list to set the refresh interval and a Pause button to stop the display.

Refresh Interval

The refresh interval is the polling interval, or the time FSM waits before the display is refreshed. You can change the amount of time (in seconds) that FSM waits before it gets new information from the Firebox and sends the updates to the display.

Before you select an interval, be sure to examine how frequently you want to see new information in relation to the load the selected interval places on the Firebox. A shorter time interval gives a more accurate display, but can have effects on network performance. Be sure to also examine the refresh interval on each tab. When a tab gets new information for its display, the text Refreshing... appears adjacent to the Refresh Interval drop-down list.

From Firebox System Manager:

Click the Refresh Interval drop-down list to select the duration between window refreshes.
Or, in the Refresh Interval text box, type a custom value.

Screenshot of Refresh Interval drop-down list


To temporarily stop the flow of information from the device:

Click Pause.
The button changes to Continue.

To refresh the information in the window:

Click Continue.
The button changes to Pause.

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