Add Charts or Change Polling Intervals

The main Performance Console window shows a table with all configured and active performance counters. From this window, you can add a new chart or change the polling intervals for configured counters.

  1. Start Firebox System Manager for your device.
  2. Click the Performance Console icon.
    The Performance Console window appears.

Screen shot of the Performance Console dialog box, with chart information

Add a New Chart

To add a new chart:

  1. Click the Add Chart icon.
    Or, select File > Add Chart.
    The Add Chart dialog box appears.
  2. Define Performance Counters for the chart.

Change the Polling Interval

To change the polling interval for one performance console:

  1. From the Configured Charts list, select a chart name.

Screen shot of Performance Console, with the Polling Interval highlighted

  1. From the polling interval drop-down list, select the new duration between polls.
    The new frequency value appears in the Poll Interval column.

Delete a Chart

To delete a chart:

  1. From the Configured Charts list, select a chart name.
  2. Click the Delete Chart icon.
    Or, select File > Delete Chart.
    A confirmation dialog box appears.
  3. Click Yes to delete the chart.

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