Calculate the Fireware Checksum

A checksum is used to validate the integrity of data when it is transmitted and stored. You can use this check to verify that your Firebox OS has not been corrupted or modified between the time it was created by WatchGuard and the time you install it on your device. The checksum is provided for the entire Fireware package, not for each file in the package.

You can use Firebox System Manager (FSM) to calculate the checksum for the version of Fireware OS installed on your Firebox .

To use this feature for a FireCluster member, you must be connected directly to the cluster member. For more information, see Connect to a Cluster Member.

  1. Start Firebox System Manager.
  2. Select Tools > OS Checksum.
    The OS Checksum dialog box appears and FSM automatically begins to calculate the checksum. This calculation can take a few moments to complete.

Screen shot of the OS Checksum dialog box

  1. To calculate the checksum again, click Calculate.

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