Monitor your Firebox with Firebox System Manager (FSM)

With WatchGuard Firebox System Manager (FSM) you can monitor in real-time all of the components of your Firebox and the work it does.

To monitor your Firebox, you must first Start Firebox System Manager.

From FSM, you can go to:

You can use Firebox System Manager to:

You can also launch these tools from Firebox System Manager:

  • Policy Manager is a tool that you can use to make, change, and save configuration files to your Fireboxes.
    For more information, go to About Policy Manager.
  • HostWatch is a graphical user interface that shows the connections between different Firebox interfaces.
    For more information, go to About HostWatch.
  • Performance Console is a utility that you use to make graphs which show how different parts of the Firebox perform.
    For more information, go to About the Performance Console.
  • Communication log keeps messages about connections between the Firebox and Firebox System Manager.
    For more information, go to Communication Log.

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