Data Loss Prevention Statistics

The Firebox System Manager Subscription Services tab includes current statistics about the Data Loss Prevention feature.

Activity since last restart

Scans performed — Number of files scanned since the device was last restarted.

Violations detected — Number of violations found in scanned files since the device was last restarted.

Quarantined objects — Number of files quarantined since the device was last restarted.

Blocked objects — Number of files blocked since the device was last restarted.


Installed version — Version number of the installed signatures.

Last update — Date of the last signature update.

Version available — The version of the signatures that is currently available.

History — Click to show a list of all the signature updates. You can select a signature from the list and right-click it to copy information on the selected update, or the entire list of updates.

Update — Click to update the Data Loss Prevention signatures.

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