Dimension Server Diagnostics

On the Diagnostics page, you can purge diagnostic log messages, see the list of processes on the Dimension server components (Log Server, Log Collector, and Command Server), and review log messages for the Dimension server components.

To run server diagnostics:

  1. Select > Administration > Administration > Server Management.
    The Server Management pages open.
  2. Select the Diagnostics tab.
    The diagnostic options open.
  3. Run diagnostic tasks as described in the next sections.

Purge Diagnostic Log Files

To reduce the size of the Dimension log database, you can purge all Diagnostic log messages of Debug level or higher from the database. When you select to purge the diagnostic log messages from the database, they are immediately purged from the database.

In the Purge Diagnostic Log Messages section, click Purge Diagnostic Log Messages.
All diagnostic log messages are deleted from the database.

Process List

In the Process List, you can see all the active processes on the Dimension server. The process list includes these details:

  • PID — The process ID number.
  • Name — The name of the process.
  • CPU — The percentage of the Dimension system that the process currently uses.
  • Memory — The amount of memory on the Dimension system that the process currently uses.
  • Create Time — The date and time that the process started.
  • Command Line — The command line path to the process.

To refresh the process list, click the Refresh icon.

View Log Messages for the Dimension Servers

In the Log Messages section, you can view the log messages generated by the Log Server, Log Collector, and Command Server components of Dimension.

  1. Select a tab to see the log messages for that dimension component:
    • Log Server
    • Log Collector
    • Command Server
  2. To change the number of lines of log messages that appear in the Number of log messages to show text box, type the number of lines and click the Refresh icon.
  3. To refresh the log messages in the list, click the Refresh icon.

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