View Groups

From the Dimension Home > Groups page, you can add and manage groups of the Fireboxes and FireClusters that are connected to your Dimension server. You can then select a group to view reports about the Fireboxes and FireClusters in that group. You can see summary and detail reports for groups, and select whether to see individual reports for each Firebox or FireCluster, or an aggregated report for all Fireboxes and FireClusters in the group.

  1. From the Home page, select the Groups tab.
    The Groups page opens.

Screen shot of the Groups tab in the Dimension UI

  1. From the Groups list, in the Name column, click the name of a group.
    The Executive Dashboard page opens.
  1. To see high-level summaries of the top data through the Fireboxes or FireClusters in the group and threats to your network, select a dashboard:
  2. To view the reports available for the Fireboxes and FireClusters in the group, select Per Client Reports or the Reports tab.
    For more information about how to view reports, go to View Reports.

For instructions to add, edit, or delete a group, go to Manage Groups.

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