Configure the Database Location

You can select the location of the database to use to store log messages that are sent to your Dimension server. You can use either the built-in PostgreSQL database installed with your instance of Dimension or a PostgreSQL database that has already been installed in an external location.

Supported external database versions:

  • PostgreSQL 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, 9.5, 9.6
  • PostgreSQL 10 (supported in Dimension 2.1.2 U3 or higher)
  • PostgreSQL 11 and 12 (supported in Dimension 2.1.2 U4 or higher)

The first time the Dimension server connects to the database, it configures the structure of the database tables.

If you specify the same external PostgreSQL database for more than one instance of Dimension, each instance of Dimension must use the same remote backup server. For more information about the remote backup location for the Dimension server, see Configure Remote Backup Settings.

If you have log messages in a WSM Log Server database that you want to view in Dimension, you can restore that data to your new Dimension PostgreSQL database. Log messages that are restored from a WSM Log Server database can be viewed in Dimension, but are not included in Dashboard pages or reports. For instructions to restore log data to your Dimension database, see the Restore a Database Backup File section in the topic Manage the Dimension Database.

Before you configure Dimension to use an external database, make sure you have this information for the external database:

  • IP address of the computer where the database is installed
  • Port number to use to connect to the database
  • User name and password for the Database User

To specify the location of the Dimension database:

  1. Select > Administration > Administration > Database.
    The Database pages open.
  2. Select the Configuration tab.
    The Database Location settings open.
  3. To unlock the configuration so you can make changes, click the Locked icon.
    For more information about how to unlock and lock the Dimension configuration, see Lock and Unlock the Dimension Configuration.
  4. Select a database location:
    • To use the database installed with Dimension, select Built-in database.
  5. Click Save.

After you change the database location, the Log Server and Log Collector processes and services restart.

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