Use the CLI to Enable Access to Dimension

If you configured the settings for access to Dimension and did not specify the address for your own administrative connection, and you cannot use an IP address or network address that you did include in the Access Control settings to connect to Dimension, you cannot log in to the Dimension web UI.

To enable you to connect to Dimension again, you can use the command line to add your IP address or network address to the Dimension Access Control list, which enables access to Dimension for your administrative connection.

For more information about the Dimension Access Control list, see Configure Dimension Access Control Settings.

To enable access to Dimension from the command line:

  1. Start a console connection to Dimension.
  2. Run the command: /opt/watchguard/dimension/bin/ [IP Address | Network Address]

    Make sure to replace [IP Address | Network Address] in the command with the IP address or network address that you want to use to connect to Dimension.
  3. Type the passphrase for your Super Administrator account.
  4. Press Enter on your keyboard.

    A message that the changes were saved successfully appears.

You can now connect to Dimension from the IP address or network address you specified.

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