Configure Dimension Access Control Settings

To limit the network access to your instance of Dimension, you can specify the network addresses that are allowed to connect to Dimension. If you do not specify any network addresses, Dimension allows connections from any location. You can specify one or more IP addresses or network addresses.

When you specify the addresses that can connect to Dimension, make sure to include the IP address that you use to connect to Dimension. If you do not include your own address, you will not be able to connect to Dimension after you save your changes.

If you forget to include your own IP address and lock yourself out of Dimension, you can use the CLI to add your IP address to Dimension so you can connect again. For more information about how to use the CLI to add an IP address to the Dimension Access Control list, see Use the CLI to Enable Access to Dimension.

You can also configure access control settings for user accounts and groups. For information about how to specify which addresses users and groups can use to connect to Dimension, see Manage Users and Groups.

To configure the global Access Control settings for Dimension:

  1. Select > Administration > Administration > Access Management.
    The Access Management page opens, with the Users & Groups page selected.
  2. Select Configuration.
  3. Select the Access tab.
  4. To unlock the configuration so you can make changes, click the Locked icon.
    For more information about how to unlock and lock the Dimension configuration, see Lock and Unlock the Dimension Configuration.
  5. In the Host or Network text box, type an IP address or network address to allow to connect to Dimension. Click the Add icon.
    The address appears in the Host or Network list.
  6. To remove an address from the Host or Network list, select the address and click the Remove icon.
  7. Click Save.

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