Activate Your Devices

Step 2 of the RapidDeploy from the Management Server process is to activate your Fireboxes. To complete activation, you create and import a device list to the Deployment Center and then activate the Fireboxes in the device list. The device list is a UTF-8 encoded CSV file in this format: Device Serial Number, Device Friendly Name, Management Server IP Address.

The Management Server IP address you specify in the device list must be the public routable IP address for your Management Server. This IP address must also be the first IP address in the Management Server Certificate Revocation list. If you specify a private IP address, or if the public IP address you specify is not the first IP address in the Certificate Revocation list, your Fireboxes will not be able to connect to the Management Server for RapidDeploy.

Import a Device List

From the Deployment Center, you can download a CSV file to use as a template for your device list. If you open the template CSV file in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers, you can simply replace the data in the list with the correct details for your Fireboxes and Management Servers. Whether you use the template file or create your own CSV file, make sure that the CSV file includes a header row. The template CSV file includes this header row: Device Serial Number,Device Friendly Name,Management Server IP Address. Each device list CSV file can only include 50 Fireboxes. If your Management Server has more than one IP address in the Distribution IP Address list, make sure to use the first IP address in the list. In the CSV file header row, the Device Friendly Name is the unique name that appears in the Device field in WatchGuard System Manager for each device. This name also identifies the device in your account on the WatchGuard website. You must use a different friendly name for each device. You can change the friendly name of an activated device on the Product Details page in the WatchGuard Portal. For more information, see the Manage Products Help.

After you create your device list CSV file, you can import the device list in the Deployment Center and use RapidDeploy to activate your devices. If you close the browser before the device list import is complete, the device list and any error messages are cleared from the Deployment Center, and you must start the import process again.

To download and create a CSV file:

  1. In the Deployment Center, select RapidDeploy > Device Activation.
    The Device Activation page appears.

Screen shot of the Device Activation page before a device list is selected

  1. Click the link to download the sample CSV file and save it to your computer with a descriptive file name.
  2. Open the CSV file and for each device you want to activate with RapidDeploy, type the serial number, device friendly name, and the IP address of the Management Server you want to manage this device.

Before you import the device list, make sure that the Management Servers you specified in the CSV file are registered in the Deployment Center. If you specify an incorrect Management Server IP address or an unregistered Management Server for an device, an error appears after the import process is complete. For more information about how to verify that your Management Server is registered, see Verify Management Server Registration.

Also make sure that you specify the correct Management Server for each Firebox included in the CSV file. If you import a CSV file with an device that was already assigned to a different Management Server, the device is registered again. A new deployment package is created for that device with the IP address of the new Management Server, and replaces the first deployment package in the Deployment Center.

To import the device list, on the Device Activation page:

  1. Click Browse and select the CSV file you created.
  2. Click Import.
    The device list is imported to the Deployment Center. If your device list includes a large number of devices, it can take some time to complete the import of the CSV file.

When the device list is imported, the Deployment Center checks the data included in the CSV file to verify that the data is correct. If you have included an incorrect serial number for a device, or an IP address for a Management Server that is not registered, you see an error when the file import is complete.

If there are any problems in the device list CSV file you imported, an error list appears on the Device Activation page. The error list includes the lines in the CSV file where the errors occurred and a description of the errors. If your CSV file has an error, you can fix the error and import the file again.

Screen shot of the Device Activation page with a Device List Import Failure message

Example of a device list CSV file with an error.

When the import is complete and successful, the device list appears on the Device Activation page. You can review this list to make sure that all the necessary devices were imported.

Screen shot of the Device Activation page after a the Device List was successfully imported

Example of a successfully imported device list CSV file.

Activate Devices

After you have successfully imported the device list CSV file, you can activate the Fireboxes included in the device list.

  1. Read the terms of the End User License Agreement.
  2. Select the I accept the terms of the End User License Agreement check box.
  3. Review the information in the XTM Device List.
  4. Click Activate.
    The Deployment Center activates the devices in the Device List and any other devices that have not already been activated.

If you close the browser before activation is complete, the device list and any error messages are cleared from the Deployment Center, and you must start the import process again.

When your devices have successfully completed the activation process, the Deployment Status page appears with a list of all the devices you have deployed.

Screen shot of the Deployment Status page

For more information about the Deployment Status page and the next steps to complete after your Fireboxes are activated, see Review the Deployment Status of Your Devices.

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