Configure BOVPN over TLS in Client Mode

BOVPN over TLS uses a client-server model for VPN tunnel communication. You must configure at least one Firebox as a TLS Client, and at least one Firebox as a TLS Server.

By default, the BOVPN over TLS server assigns addresses in the pool to BOVPN over TLS clients. Mobile VPN with SSL also uses the pool by default. If BOVPN over TLS in Client mode and Mobile VPN with SSL are both enabled on the same Firebox, you must specify a different IP address pool for one of these features. If both features use the same IP address pool, BOVPN over TLS traffic is not sent through the tunnel correctly.

In Fireware v12.1, you must use the Web UI to configure BOVPN over TLS. In Fireware v12.1.1 and higher, you can also use Policy Manager.

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