Download a Feature Key

You can use Policy Manager to download a copy of your current feature key from the Firebox to your management computer. 

  1. Select Setup > Feature Keys.
    The Feature Keys dialog box appears.
  2. Click Download.
    The Get Firebox Feature keys dialog box appears.
  3. In the User Name and Passphrase text boxes, type the credentials for a Device Monitor (read-only) user account.
  4. From the Authentication Server drop-down list, select the correct authentication server for the user account you specified.
  5. Click OK.

You can also use Firebox System Manager to download a current feature key from the WatchGuard website to the Firebox.

  1. Start Firebox System Manager.
  2. Select Tools > Synchronize Feature Key.
    The device contacts the WatchGuard website and downloads the current feature key.

For more information see this video tutorial: Retrieve and Import a Feature Key using WSM.

To enable the device to automatically download a new feature key when a feature is about to expire, you can enable automatic feature key synchronization. For more information, go to About Feature Keys.

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