See Backup Images Stored on the Firebox

In Fireware 12.2.1 and higher, backup images are saved directly on the Firebox. These backup images do not include Fireware OS.

You can use Policy Manager and Fireware Web UI to see and manage backup images that are stored on the Firebox. This includes both backup images created manually and backup images created automatically when you upgrade the Firebox from Fireware OS v12.2.1 or higher. Backup images that were saved on the Firebox automatically when the Firebox was upgraded are saved with a file name in this format:

<system name><firebox model>-auto-backup-<Fireware OS version before upgrade>.fxi

In Fireware v12.5.2 and higher, you can see backup images on the Firebox with WatchGuard Cloud. You cannot restore backup images from Fireboxes that run Fireware v12.5.1 and lower with WatchGuard Cloud. For more information, go to Manage Firebox Backup Images in WatchGuard Cloud.

Backup images that you saved to a local file in Fireware v12.2 and lower cannot be stored on the Firebox and are not included in the list of available backup images.

You can restore, export, or delete any of the available backup images stored on the Firebox. You can also create new backup images or import previously exported backup images to the Firebox.

Backup images that are stored on a USB drive connected to the Firebox are shown on the USB tab. For more information, see Use a USB Drive for System Backup and Restore.

If you reset your Firebox to factory-default settings, backup images saved on your Firebox are removed. We recommend that you export a backup image from the Firebox before you reset it. For more information, go to Export a Backup Image Stored on the Firebox.

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