About Data Control Advanced Visualization

Applies To: WatchGuard Data Control

The WatchGuard Data Control module collects detailed information about files with Personally Identifiable Information (PII), as well as files you choose to monitor. The Advanced Visualization Tool is an optional module available with WatchGuard EPDR and WatchGuard EDR licenses that supports Data Control data and presents it visually in dashboards.

WatchGuard Data Control is only available in a select number of countries. For more information, see Data Control Supported Countries.

To open a Data Control dashboard, from the Advanced Visualization Tool:

  • From the left pane, select Data Control and the dashboard you want to see.

Four dashboards are available:

  • Files and Machines with PII — Shows the workstations and servers that contain files with PII, the PII files found on the network, and the processes that performed operations on them.
  • User Operations on PII Files — Shows the actions taken by users on files with PII and the physical device where the personal data resided (such as an internal hard drive or USB drive).
  • Risk of PII Extraction — Shows information about suspicious operations that could lead to a personal data breach.
  • User Monitored Files — Shows information about the files that match the monitoring rules you define.

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