About Data Control Indexing

Applies To: WatchGuard Data Control

To generate a PII file inventory, WatchGuard Data Control inspects and stores the contents of all supported files. You can then search the content of these files in Data Control. Each user computer stores the indexed information locally in this location:

%ProgramData%\Panda Security\Panda Security Protection\indexstore

Data Control does not send the contents of files with PII to the WatchGuard server. It only sends their attributes (name, extension, etc.) and the number and type of found entities.

The index process has little impact on computer performance, but does require a significant amount of time. It will start to index each time the module software upgrades. It also starts to index each computer on the network when you enable these settings:

  • Generate and keep an up to date inventory of personal data
  • Allow data searches on computers

When the index is complete, Data Control creates the inventory of files with PII and then it monitors the files. The actions monitored include: opening, create, modify, delete, rename, copy, and paste. Data Control updates the index and sends newly detected data to the WatchGuard server every 24 hours.

To help improve the accuracy of Data Control searches, you can exclude specific files and folders from the index. For more information, see Add Exclusions to the Indexing Process.

For information on how to schedule indexing, see Configure Advanced Indexing in Data Control.

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